Dalljiet Kaur undergoes a name change, changes name to Deepa

Dalljiet Kaur


Dalljiet Kaur has quite some interesting things to share on social media for all her followers. Dalljiet’s pictures with her son are extremely adorable and while we are sure her fans could not wait to have more of the cuteness, one of Dalljiet’s posts took us by utter surprise.

It has been a while that Dalljiet changed her spelling from Daljeet but this time, she has got a new identity altogether. Dalljiet posted a selfie on her Instagram handle and announced that her name is now Deepa.

Reason? The actress revealed that her mother was of the opinion that Dalljiet is a complicated name and since she is lovingly called Deepa by her family and close friends, she should officially get the name. The reason she is lovingly called Deepa is that Dalljiet was born during the auspicious festival of Diwali.

Source: TellyChakkar.com

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