Flynn Remedios clarifies allegations against Arshi Khan. says Bigg Boss 11 contestant never married, threatens to sue media outlets publishing fake news

Arshi Khan’s close friend, manager and publicist Flynn Remedios who has been with her for the last 4 years from the day she stepped foot in Mumbai, today rubbished all allegations against Arshi Khan. 
“It is very sad that media is publishing stories and articles about Arshi Khan without verifying anything. Today, media persons just publish any press release that comes to them, even from an unverified email id. This is where we have reached in the battle for TRPs and Pageviews. I too run several websites and I know the pressure on online journalists who just copy and paste, even mistakes are copied to the ‘last t’ and re-pasted and re-published within seconds. This is a very, very sad situation today, and I request the digital media to be careful and patient while publishing content regarding any woman. Just because she happens to be a controversial Bigg Boss contestant and is playing a game inside the Bigg Boss house, does not mean the media outside has a free license to publish what they want to, when it comes to a lady’s marital status or private life. We will not hesitate to sue everyone, including the big media houses, who publish ‘blatantly fake’ press releases as ‘news’, Remedios said.
“All that is being said and written and published about Arshi Khan is totally false. Firstly, Arshi Khan has never been married. She may have had a couple of boyfriends in the last 5 years, but then every young girl has a right to fall in love,” Remedios explained. 
As far as her so-called bookie-husband is concerned, Remedios said Arshi Khan has never been married and so there is no bookie husband. Arshi Khan filed a complaint against a bookie from Pakistan in 2015 for threatening her, but he was definitely not her husband. I challenge the persons claiming so to prove their allegations. They are just trying to get cheap publicity by using Arshi Khan’s name, now that she is in the Bigg Boss house. And I wonder why certain big media houses are chasing such blatantly fake gossip stories, put out by unscrupulous people.” 
On the ‘Dada’ issue, Flynn said, “What Arshi Khan said about her ‘Dada’ in the Bigg Boss house was a big joke. For those who understand and all those who are mature enough can understand the tone in which Arshi Khan made that “Dada” comment. It was a tongue-in-cheek joke like all the ‘chillar’ jokes that have been going around. I wonder why reputed publications like Dainik Bhaskar are making a mountain of a mole hill on the ‘dada’ issue. Grow up guys, there is more serious news to cover. Arshi Khan was clearly joking about her ‘dada’ and we all have had such moments in our life at times. 
As far as Arshi Khan’s age is concerned, Flynn clarified that Arshi found some discrepancies in her age and has made an official change. She has gone through the legal process of making the correction and the same was also published in the Government gazette. Corrections to her age have been made on affidavit in court and Arshi Khan is the best person to clarify all this when she comes out of the Bigg Boss house. As per her legal affidavit, she is around 29 or 30 years of age, if I am not mistaken, Flynn said.
Regarding her educational qualifications, Flynn Remedios, stated, “As far as I know, Arshi Khan has done a physiotherapy course and is a trained physiotherapist. She has also applied for a part-time law course via correspondence and is studying law.” 
Responding to allegations made by Gehana Vasisth, Flynn Remedios said: “I have already sued Gehana Vasisth for Rs one crore for making these false allegations. The matter is now in court and a legal notice has also been sent to Gehana Vasisth in this regard.”

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