Hyderabad-based Sunita Singh  to be seen in director Maneesh Singh’s next Tamil project


Hyderabad-based freelance model Sunita Singh will soon be seen in the Vision Telefilms produced and Maneesh Singh directed historical and mythological Tamil film “Tondaimandalam”. The film is based on the mythological elements of the origin of the locality, its inhabitants and its rulers.

Tondaimandalam is an area lying between Pennar river of Nellore and the Pennar river of Cuddalore and encompassed part of what is Madras today. Madras or Chennai is it is known today was a part of Tondaimandalam and was known as “Madraspatnam”.

The Rs 110 crore film was supposed to go on floor last year, but was delayed due to the demonetization announced by the PM Narendra Modi after Vision Telefilms shelved it for a year. Now Vision Telefilms has teamed up with another Chennai-based production house Vrindaavan Films to produce the epic thriller project and relaunched the project.

The film is expected to go on floor in July this year and shooting will be in Chennai, Puducherry, Mumbai and the songs will be shot in Thailand and Bangkok.

The modern city of “Chennai” arose from the British settlement of Fort St. George and its subsequent expansion through merging numerous native villages and European settlements around Fort St. George into the city of Madras. While most of the original city of Madras was built and settled by Europeans, the surrounding area which was later incorporated included the native temples of Thiruvanmiyur, Thiruvotriyur, Thiruvallikeni (Triplicane), Thirumayilai (Mylapore) which have existed for more than 1000 years.

Thiruvanmiyur, Thiruvotriyur and Thirumyilai are mentioned in the Thevarams of the Moovar (of the Nayanmars) while Thiruvallikeni in the Nalayira Divya Prabhandhams (of the Alwars). The partly mythological and partly fictional film Tondaimandalam is based on tales of the 2nd and 3rd century AD.

The capital of the province was Kancheepuram. Tondaimandalam was ruled in the 2nd century by Tondaiman Ilam Tiraiyan, who was a representative of the Chola family at Kanchipuram. It is believed that Ilam Tiraiyan must have subdued the Kurumbas, the original inhabitants of the region and established his rule over Tondaimandalam.

Sunita Singh who is in her mid-thirties is a freelance model and based in Hyderabad. She was personally selected by director Maneesh Singh to play the pivotal role of the Rani of Madraspatnam, an otherwise not so well-documented character in the history of Madras. She will be extensively trained for nearly 2 months, before the project goes on floor, director Maneesh Singh told IndiaScoops.com.

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