OMG! Avantika Gaokar claims she was molested when she was 5?


Model and actress Avantika Gaokar shocked the world when she revealed on Twitter on her official Twitter handle @AvantikaGaokar that she was molested when she was only 5 years old.

When asked by this reporter about a gang rape of a 20 year old local girl in her home state of Goa, – she originally hails from Pernem in North Goa, Avantika said that rape, molestation and even more child molestation or rape of minors are heinous crimes which definitely deserve the death penalty.  Here is a tweet:


Not too long ago, Gaokar found herself in an uneasy and embarrassing situation on Sunday when a website leaked her bikini photos.  More images  (See Pics) of Avantika Gaokar in a hotel wearing a red bikini were also leaked later on.

Her manager said that the images were leaked by a rogue director Rameshnath Venkat Rao who has been blackmailing Gaokar for the last one month.  The accused director has since fled to Sri Lanka and is hiding in Colombo.

The actress later accused the Colombo police of shielding the director and not doing enough to nab him. “He is moving and travelling about freely in Sri Lanka,” she told a Mumbai-based news channel. Gaokar’s team has appealed to the Sri Lankan media to bring up the matter so that the local police will act.

“He is sending me vulgar and obscene emails from Colombo. The Indian police have submitted the IP address and other technical details of his location in Colombo. Even the make of the mobile phone handset he is using to send the emails is known to the police. Why does it take the Colombo police so long to act. It’s been almost 15 days now and he is not been arrested,” Gaokar’s manager told the news channel.

Mumbai model and actress Avantika Gaokar’s nude pictures were initially leaked online and now the same Tamil movie director has released a fake nude MMS video on YouTube of the actress.

In a statement to a website, Avantika had accused a small-time Tamil director Rameshnath Venkat Rao of releasing a nude MMS video on YouTube that he claimed to be of hers.

Calling the video fake and edited, she said the 22-second clip was uploaded on YouTube but was deleted within hours after she and other viewers reported it. Rao had earlier threatened to release the clip when Avantika filed a case against the man for allegedly leaking her nude images online, as per the statement.

The accused had reportedly fled to Sri Lanka, after two arrest warrants were issued against him by courts in India.

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