OMG! Check out Arshi Khan’s first shoot in Mumbai 4 years ago

Do you know that Arshi Khan started modeling actively only after she came to Mumbai in 2013.  According to her manager and publicist Flynn Remedios who has been associated with Arshi Khan from the day she stepped foot in Mumbai, Arshi Khan was a very shy girl,m 4 years ago.

‘Arshi Khan was very quiet and different from what she is today or from what you see on Bigg Boss today. I had to push her and literally force her to show even a little bit of cleavage or wear even slightly revealing clothes.,” Remedios recalls.

Speaking about Arshi Khan, Flynn is all praises for his client: Arshi is very persistent and has tremendous will-power. She first came to Mumbai in 2013 in search of stardom and “persevered for the last 4 years. I have seen her cry and laugh, fret and fume. In fact, she treats me like her father’ as I am nearly 15 years older than she is. But Arshi has guts and is a perfectly born dramebaaz’. She is capable of far more than what you see on Bigg Boss. Of course, when you are in India, you have to tone down the rhetoric and sleaze, unlike if you were in the USA. In fact, I think Arshi Khan should take my advice and move to the USA and do controversial Reality Shows in the US, where she would surely become a Reality TV Super Star. ”

Speaking about Arshi Khan as a private person, Flynn says, “On the personal front, privately, Arshi Khan is a very soft person. She may come across as abusive, controversial and even violent. But Arshi has a heart of gold. She is a very good cook and can make fantastic biryani and chicken dishes. She has always stood by her friends and is very soft inside. What the Indian TV viewers are seeing of Arshi Khan on Bigg Boss is a facade, an act or a role which she is playing as part of the show requirements which are a part of showbiz. Arshi is a private person who loves to spend time with close friends. She shuns noisy filmy parties and loves to cook for her friends. She is also a family person and loves her family and nieces and nephews who are in Bhopal, reveals Flynn Remedios, adding that he really wishes that Arshi Khan wins Bigg Boss.

What would he advise her if he got a chance to speak to her while she was inside the Bigg Boss house, we ask?

“I would advise her to tone down the rhetoric and abusive language and play the goody goody card. No violent or noisy contestant has ever won a Bigg Boss season. If Arshi Khan wants to win Bigg Boss Season 11, she must do an about turn and show off her good side, which is also part of her personality – her cooking abilities, her family ties, her fondness for her close friends. She is also very religious and says Namaz whenever she can. It’s high time, TV audiences in India got to see the other side of Arshi Khan, explains Remedios, adding that it would be incorrect on the part of Colors and Endemol to only showcase one personality trait of a contestant or participant.

“I understand the channel and show needs TRPS and viewers. But each candidate also needs to be seen in totality. Today, Arshi Khan is being trolled and blamed for all that ails Indian TV reality shows. But that is not the truth. Arshi Khan is a loving, kind and helpful human being who really goes out of her way to help her friends and it would be an immense failure and a grave injustice on part of the channel if they do not portray those qualities and aspects of Arshi Khan.

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