Police not filing FIR, say Youth, after over 10 Victims Submit Written Complaint for Fraud and Cheating Against Casting Director Amit Sehgal

In a new development, over 10 victims approached the Bangur Nagar Police Station on Monday evening and submitted a written complaint along with evidence against casting director Amit Sehgal.

The complainant youth, all in the early and late 20s, allege that Amit Sehgal has collectively cheated nearly 100 youngsters of over Rs 60 to 70 lakh in all, over the last 3 years, by promising them films and TV serials on channels like Colors, Zee TV, & Tv, Sony, etc. There are at least 4 young female actors who have been cheated by Amit Sehgal, the complaint states.  IndiaScoops.com accessed a copy of the complaint which is below:


The youth in their complaint have alleged that instead of taking action against Sehgal and registering an FIR against him and his accomplices, the police are going slow on the matter. In fact, one of the youth who spoke to IndiaScoops.com explained that Sehgal has threatened him with dire consequences and threatened to get him implicated and arrested in a rape and molestation case. He is using his contacts with the police against us to file false and fake ‘rape’ and ‘molestation’ cases against us for going to his house to ask for our own money, the complainants told IndiaScoops.com on the phone.

The youth have contacted the DCP – Borivli Zone as well as the Additional Commissioner of Police Northern Region over SMS, requesting for the intervention of senior police officials in the matter. “Earlier too we had filed written complaints against Amit Sehgal, but the police did not bother to investigate. In one case, in a similar complaint filed at the Bangur Nagar police station, the police wrote back to the complainant that his complaint is civil in nature and he must approach the appropriate civil court.

We will meet the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, if no FIR is registered within 48 hours, the complainants told this website.

“This is clear case of cheating, fraud, breach of trust as well as criminal intimidation. The accused is threatening to file rape charges against us, because we visited his residence to demand our money back. The police are protecting this accused, because he has contacts with some senior officials in the Malad division,” the complainants told IndiaScoops.com.

According to the written complaint, the modus operandi of Amit Seghal is to approach known, but gullible artistes and offer them meaty roles  in big-budget  productions. Everything is fake – the star cast, the distributor, the producer and so on. Sehgal also gives the artiste a contract and at times a post-dated cheque. He then taken 20  to 30 per cent of the cheque amount from the artiste in cash as his commission.

IndiaScoops.com spoke to a senior official at Bangur Nagar Police Station who confirmed that they have received the complaint. We are looking into the matter and investigating the case, the official said.

Amit Sehgal who has changed his phone numbers was not available for comment. Our attempts to contact Amit Sehgal for his comments on these allegations above were unsuccessful as his earlier contact numbers are either not reachable or switched off.


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