Reginaldo demands suspension of FDA director, corners BJP on formalin issue

aleixo reginaldo lourenco

Speaking to media persons in Panaji today, senior Congress leader Reginaldo Lourenco demanded the suspension and sacking of the FDA director Jyoti Sardesai. He also cornered the government on the formalin issue asking questions as to why the government has not yet clarified on the “permissible limit” issue.

The Health Minister has stated that percentage of formalin in fish was within ‘permissible limits’. Now why can’t they tell us what are the permissible limits. The FDA director had stated that there was no formalin in the fish in July and hence the trucks were released. If there was no formalin at that time, then why is the ban imposed now, he asked, demanding her suspension.

The FDA director must resign or must be suspended. I demand her immediate suspension, Reginaldo said. In my individual capacity as a son of Goa, I would have demanded her arrest, but as a party spokesperson, I am asking for her suspension and an inquiry into the matter of how the trucks were released in July.

He also questioned the government if it has the figures on how much fish is being exported from Goa. Do we know the quantity of fish caught in local waters? What is the break-up? How much fish is imported and how much is exported? How much fish is used by the fish processing industry in Goa and are they complying with all the rules and regulations.

Lourenco also demanded that the Health Minister and the Agriculture Minister along with the fish traders must address the media jointly as there are conflicting statements being made by different ministers on this issue. Health Minister has a different story, while the Tourism Minister says something different.

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