Shilpa Shinde loves money over relationships, Hina Khan loves cleaning Toilets alleges Arshi Khan

In explosive interviews with two major media houses, the much-talked about Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan made some vitriolic statements that could mean the beginning of a new war of words among the house mates.
Shooting from the hip, Arshi Khan said Hina loves to clean toilets and would do that (cleaning toilets) every day in the Bigg Boss house. On one occasion when the toilets were exceptionally dirty, the house mates called for the cleaning and house keeping team to lend a helping hand, but to everyone’s surprise Hina Khan had cleaned the toilets even before the house keeping staff could arrive, Arshi revealed, adding that she personally thinks Hina has done a Phd in cleaning toilets.
Speaking about Shilpa Shinde, Arshi said Shilpa gives more importance to money and monetary wealth, than to friends and relationships. Shilpa is shrrewd and calculating. She is like a CA who will count even the smallest Paisa.
She also revealed that she would have never picked up cudgels with Shilpa Shinde while she was inside the house, but it was Puneesh Sharma who brainwashed and instigated her.
“Puneesh Sharma is the real villian and is completely responsible for my fights and arguments with Shilpa Shinde. He fed me so much crap and nonsense over about two weeks, instigated me against her and made me believe that Shilpa was the real Enemy No 1 in the house. I will not meet or speek to Puneesh Sharma only for this reason, Arshi explained adding that though Shilpa Shinde was cunning, she was very sweet and nice to her. Were it not for Puneesh Sharma, we would have never fought in the house, Arshi said.
Meanwhile, Arshi Khan has confirmed she is  hosting a Bigg Boss After Party for all past Bigg Boss contestants.
While she was not forthcoming with more details on the After Party, Arshi Khan’s publicist and  manager Flynn Remedios said that Arshi Khan is planning many surprises for the AWAM and a Bigg Boss After Party is one of them. We are definitely working on a big AFTER PARTY for all of Arshi Khan’s Bigg Boss friends and other former Bigg Boss contestants from previous seasons along with other Tv and film stars. Venue and date of the party will be revealed next week, Flynn said.
Arshi Khan will repeat her feat of 2017 and will be the most searched entertainer of 2018 as well. A host of digital milestones and digital events coordinated with ground events are being planned for 2018 and Arshi’s Awam can expect a lot of hungama in the coming year, Remedios said adding that Arshi Khan has been signed on for a Bollywood film, details of which will be revealed after the Bigg Boss finale. She is also in talks with several South Film Producers who have approached her post Bigg Boss.
Arshi Khan has got several offers from the south, particularly the Tamil film segment. She is right now reading the scripts and trying to choose the best possible offers, Flynn Remedios disclosed.

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