Shiroda Women’s Self Help Group Goes Online, launches portal to sell home-made products across India


The Shiroda Constituency Women’s Front, a self-help women’s group (SHG) from the Shiroda Constituency at a meeting held on Friday morning stressed on the need for empowerment of the local women from Shiroda, the need to provide them flexi-jobs as well as more representation for women from Shiroda in the Goa legislature.

The meeting was attended by over 95 local women representatives from Bethoda and other interior parts of Shiroda. It was presided over by Neelu Gaonkar of Nirancal and Chanda Narayan of Bondbag.

At the meeting it was decided to launch a program for the welfare of women and provision of part-time jobs including stitching of clothes, blankets and quilts and manufacture of other household goods like mugs, bowls and plates using natural substances like coconut shells and bamboo.

Adv Diya Shetkar

The Shiroda Constituency Women’s Front also congratulated Shiroda leader Adv Diya Shetkar for the work done by her NGO Nari Adhikar in providing assistance to the women of Shiroda on various fronts, including sources of employment wherever possible.

Women in Shiroda are more backward in terms of education as well as financial independence when compared to women in other talukas of Goa, Narayan said, adding that the earlier representatives of the people from Shiroda did nothing for the upliftment of women in the area. The leaders who represented the people of Shiroda for the last two decades did not provide local women a platform to grow. There were no incentives or support either financial or in terms of infrastructure, Gaonkar said, adding that under-employed due to their limited command over resources and regulatory institutions including legislature in Goa. Particularly, rural women in places like the interiors of Shiroda face greater problems than their urban counterparts with no source of livelihood other than agriculture.

While women’s groups in other talukas of Goa are actively engaged in activities like making of baskets, coir-items, weaving of silk, etc. besides manufacture and sale of food products like Kokum sharbat, pickles, papads, etc., and are able to sell their products at a reasonable price ensuring a profit for the group,  Shiroda lags behind as the SHGs do not have a source and proper platform to sell their products.

The Shiroda Constituency Women’s Front also announced the setting up of an online shopping portal to sell the products manufactured by the self-help women’s groups in Shiroda. Development of the online portal has already started and the portal with an automated e-cart will be launched soon.

The Front will source products from all the SHGs in Shiroda and will give a minimum guaranteed price to the individual groups. The entire IT infrastructure for the online shopping portal is being sponsored and developed by Vision Shiroda Infotech, which will also launch a local call-centre and BPO offering medical transcription services as well as inbound and outbound processes focused on provided local talent with low-end, entry-level IT jobs. The portal will go live on Republic Day 26th January 2019, Narayan said.

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