South B-grade actress Swathi Naidu claims she is ready for “paid sex” and sex or porn films


Money is most important for me. I can do anything for money, even have sex with a producer or client or even do sex or porn films, if I am getting paid well, claims, semi-porn artiste Swathi Naidu.

B-grade south actress Swathi Naidu who is based in Hyderabad has claimed that she is open and ready for paid sex or in other words prostitution. Swathi Naidu made this statement when she was asked by a press reporter about the casting couch.

According to Swathi Naidu all the producers in the south ask for “commitment” or “compromise” which means one has to sleep with the producer or director or both to get a role in the film. Very often the producers do not even pay the artistes later on. She says Chamak Chandra was one such producer who used to sleep with new girls and use them and later on dump them on the road side. In such a situation it is better to go for paid sex or prostitution as like that the girl is at least assured of payment and does not have to loose her dignity and self-respect without getting any payment.

More than the talent, sometime it is luck  that works in showbiz .  There are few actresses who  go to an extent that if the role calls for a nude scene, they readily go ahead  with it despite reservations.

Swathi Naidu is known for hot and erotic videos on You Tube. She is very popular for bikini photo shoots and exhibiting romantic if not vulgar or obscene gestures. She has managed to earn quite a fan base.

The actress has also featured in movies like ‘Campus Ampasayya’ but is now running short of offers.

Recently in an interview, she  revealed, she has no qualms to act in blue films for her survival.

She  further added, there is nothing wrong to act or pose nude in a film, as it’s the only option she is left with and also stated that she will postpone her  idea  to act in porn movies if right offers come her way. I am ready to act in sex or porn films. Right now, money is most important. So work is work. Even prostitutes are working and earning good money. So why not do porn or sex films, Swathi Naidu reasoned. She claims that even prostitutes have a dignity as they are working in the world’s oldest profession and in many parts of the world, prostitution is legalized and women are given licenses to work, she said.

Swathi Naidu is a South-Indian porn star who has acted in several soft porn films produced in Hyderabad.

Sources claim that she is also into the escort and sex racket and according to this report, she has also been arrested for the same.2

She is also part of the C-grade casting couch racket says this article

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